i'm sorry, this is disgusting

I like hamburgers, they're even better with cheese. Certain types of junk food really make me smile. Take Nacho Cheese Doritos for example. Yum. And Dunkin' Donuts (I'm very sorry but Krispy Kreme doesn't get it done, and their stock is down too), especially the sour cream donut...glazy, donutty goodness.

But now there's the Monster Thickburger! Ugh. I'm getting sick just looking at the thing. What are they thinking? Have they not seen "Supersize Me"? McDonalds eliminated their supersize offerings six months after the film came out. Of course the menu adjustment had NOTHING to do with the movie. Okay.

The Monster Thickburger, according to this story on NPR has already contributed to a 7% increase in sales at Hardy's. And they sell twice as many milkshakes now that they have doubled(!!) the fat content. But me no buts about how most people don't eat at these places more than once in a while. Look around. We're fat! Dangerously so. And it's getting worse. The fast food slingers may only be symptomatic of something else, and they have as much right to make a buck as anyone else; but a symptom they are, and of a very real problem.

The isidious thing about these new artery cement options is that they will sell; they will probably be incredibly popular. And what's popular, what sells well, is justified. But I wonder...are we really okay with the skyrocketing levels of obesity and the attendant health consequences? Okay enough that we are eating ourselves into an early grave? What is driving this madness?


m.lanser said...

I remember hearing something about this burger a while back. I believe it contains somewhere in the ballpark of 1400 calories with is right around 75% of ones daily caloric intake.

Hooray for fat people!

Jim said...

I'm sure it tates great actually! But not less filling.