what I'm not

I'm not paid to blog, I actually do this for fun if you can believe it. To date (it's July 8 2005 as I type) I don't have as much as a tip jar, and certainly no advertising, on this site. Though I will not hesitate to recommend a book, movie, piece of technology, cause, or anything else that might require cash outlay from you, the reader. The choice will be yours at that point.

I'll write what I wanna write, darnit.

Honestly, the reason the logo above is on this site is I was looking for another neat looking graphic to put in my sidebar and this one is cool. But the thing is, I read about the idea behind it, see, and liked it. Which is good, because if I didn't agree that being beholden to nothing and no one (except for the Lord of the Universe, but even he's not paying me) wasn't a great idea I wouldn't have been able to put this nifty image on my site.

That's what I'm talking about. Hope you like the blog, hope you like the fact that I'm not getting a dime for any of this and that my opinions (what precious few of them I actually publish) are therefore my own, then God bless you. If not, God bless you, too.


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