Hey, I'm home now. You're probably relieved. "No more trip pictures!" you say to yourself. But you're wrong! I'll post some more pictures tomorrow. There were one or two things worth writing about, at least as far as I'm concerned.

The big story has nothing to do with the trip; not directly anyway. Joy and I arrived home today to find out that youngest daughter Amy, the one at wilderness camp, managed to come in contact with poison somethingorother and had to spend Thursday night in the camp infirmary (where I'll bet it was a lot less soupy than it was in her lean-to). Her face had (apparently) swelled up to beyond recognizability. How lovely. This all happened between 7pm yesterday (when we checked in from North East, MD) and 2:30pm today (when we arrived at home). I had not stopped at any Paneras in that span of time, nor did I see any, so I didn't get the email messages about her condition. And of course, Thursday was our only day of improvisational travel, so no one knew where we were last night (note to self: use the phone God gave you).

After getting this information today (Friday) we immediately phoned the camp; immediately, that is, after a couple of moments of panicking and putting our hands to the sides of our heads as if to scream, and found that Amy is okay. They took her to a doctor who gave her some Prednisone. This brought down the swelling. When we called, Amy was hanging out poolside with her wilderness pals, not even wanting to come to the phone to speak with sweaty-palmed Mom and Dad.

By the way, when's the last time you had an olympic sized in-ground pool in the wilderness? Kids today...

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