Tomorrow after church we begin our all too brief, but kid free, vacation. I'm going to make an attempt at a tavelblogue (I just love sticking that word 'blog' in wherever it'll fit). I said, attempt. I'm making no promises. I've already scouted out free wifi spots in most of our destinations, so if I can post without intruding in on much needed quantity time with my wife, I will.

Yep, you're excited. I can tell.

Jannotti tag: travel


zalm said...

Those unbolded states have been killing you, haven't they? I imagine that you're going to take one of those classic Maine/South Carolina/New Mexico vacations, right?


Eric said...

Have fun, be safe, and eat lots of pie. No vacation is complete without pie.

And we expect many pie-related posts, as a result.

educat said...

Audioblogger is your best friend on such trips.

Enjoy the quiet!

Jim said...

Zalm, yes those unbolded states are calling me. Alas, we'll be sticking to the bolded and underlined variety this time. :-(

Eric, ummm... yeah.

Educat, thanks for clicking over! I'm taking the audioblogger phone # with me, but since I don't own a cell phone it's not all that convenient to do audio posts. I still might try it though.