it's a scrap of paper!

The Beatles are my favorite band, have always been my favorite.

I would love to take a look at the scrap of paper with John Lennon's lyrics for All You Need is Love on it. But I wouldn't be caught dead paying over half a million dollars for it!

"If this lyric reaches 500,000 pounds, and it could well go for a lot more, it would have doubled the world record price (for a pop manuscript),"
There's a claim of authenticity...

A girl working for the BBC at the time retrieved the lyric from beneath Lennon's music stand. She has provided a letter of authenticity for Thursday's sale.
"I, ummm... found it... under his... his... music stand! Yeah that's it."

I was in the same stadium as Paul McCartney once and I think I'll auction off the true original lyric to the song, which I found scrawled on a Beeman's gum wrapper beneath my seat in the high altitude section. I can understand why they scrapped that older version titled, "All You Need Is A Big Pile of Dough."

Who wants to bid? It's authentic. Really!

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