good writing advice from the beatles: let it be

That's the root of Erik Lundegaard's beef with the Best Picture winning Crash.

I liked it okay, but wasn't blown away by it like a number of my pals in the b'sphere. My reason? The writing. Writing that packs a wallop is fine but writing that beats you over the head is not. The script for Crash did the latter, not the former. The bruises are still healing. I've got no quibbles with the acting... in fact, I thought the cast was great, saving the movie from its own ham-fisted dialogue. But eh, what do I know?

Still, Ludegaard has a point, even if he does go a tad over the top to make it (sort of like some films do)...

"none of it feels like sentiments these characters would actually say. It feels like sentiments writer/director Paul Haggis imposed upon them... a more telling point about racism might have emerged if he'd just let them be."

H/T to Media Orchard, quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. MO really, really did not like the movie.

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