i'm all about broadening your horizons

And with that goal in mind, I'd like to introduce you to my friend A. C. Mattern. A. C. and I go way back... in fact, I think we invented the wayback machine together, but I'm old enough now to have forgotten.

Anyway, A. C. recently started commenting on my posts in his, er, I mean, A. C.'s inimitable witty and erudite way (I could make that a compound word: wituditey, or eruditty... the possibilities are legion). I noticed that A. C. created a blogspot profile, albeit a very brief one, which listed a blog called Agape's Stable. At the time of my first clickover, the stable was nearly empty. But a few mighty-stallion-like posts have appeared and Agape's Stable is now on the roll in the right sidebar.

Hope you find what you're looking for out here in the b'sphere A. C.

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