is something happening tomorrow night?

UPDATE: Here's a fresh article from ABC News about the many films from smaller studios that dominate this year's crop of Oscar nominees. It's interesting reading, if you care.

The Oscars are tomorrow night.


I've provided that link, but the Oscar site is... just... ick. What's up with the nauseating constant video?

The most amazing thing to me: I've actually seen one of the best picture nominees. It was an okay movie... I mean the acting was great and all but it was just a tad in your face with its message, don't ya think?

Well, I might watch the beginning to see Jon Stewart's approach. He's a funny guy. My favorite host was Steve Martin.

And who could forget THE Oscar Host, whose succinct appraisal of the show still applies: "Welcome to the Oscars. It's ninety minutes of sparkling entertainment... spread out over a three hour show."

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