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UPDATE: Car ran fine, route went okay. Very heavy day today as well as my first interaction with a feared customer. See next post for details.

Last Monday on the route my car started making a frighteningly loud buzzing sound. It stopped after about a half an hour. An oil change this week and several trips to the mechanic have almost eliminated the noise. But it's still there, every so often at certain engine speeds and in certain situations. The car and I have been out to see the mechanic every day this week, including this morning. I still don't know what it is and I'm supposed to deliver on Monday.

Then on Wednesday our daughter informed us that her ankle hurt. "How long has it been hurting?" asked my wife.

"Off and on for a month," said the daughter. A month.

Thursday she came home limping and said, "It hurts all the time now."

So yesterday, having parked the car at the mehcanic's overnight, I got a ride over and we listened to the noise together. "Nothin to worry about," he said.

I took the daughter to get her ankle looked at and the doctor said, "X-ray." Our new insurance provider is picky about hospitals so we had to drive to Phoenixville, about 20 minutes away, for the X-rays. On the way the car started buzzing while pulling up a long hill.

The X-rays were clear. The daughter is to stay off the ankle for a week and ice it. If the ankle doesn't improve in a week, they want an MRI.

The car is still making an intermittent buzz as we head toward Monday.

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