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So get this, I got another freelance assignment today. This one involves writing a monthly column about the various downtowns in our area (most of which are trying to kickstart themselves after years of inertia) for a local business magazine. My first one is due in less than two weeks and after that I'll have a whole month to write the next one.

Here's how you can help. I'm supposed to come up with a spiffy name for this column, one that evokes the efforts of various fine folks and local organizations to revitalize their downtown biz districts; one that will cause people to stop paging through the magazine and read my column; one that conveys the seriousness of the endeavors I will be reporting on, but that also winks at you.

No suggestion is too silly or dumb. I'm looking for two kinds of ideas here: more and wilder. Leave 'em in the comments.

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