thanks for the prayers

Thanks to all of you who commented on the previous post, including first time commenter Jennifer (welcome in this place).

When I wrote that post I really wasn't thinking about the comments it might bring. But I guess I did ask for prayer at the end of it didn't I. Thanks very much, all of you. I did have a good day today.

Incredibly, the mail didn't come as heavy this week as it has been. Today I only had 9 trays of pre-sorted mail and 25 parcels. Nevermind that those numbers are something like 50% higher than what any of the other routes got, I was pleasantly surprised.

The car held up wonderfully. Though it has to hold up for the rest of this week too, since I'll be using it to learn the new route.

I actually arrived home for dinner with 10 minutes to spare, that's a new record. Some of this is due to the lighter volume, some of it is due to me getting faster and faster at this job. And some if it, I'm certain, is due to the prayers you said for me.

The larger issue for me is this sense of being adrift. I quite enjoy delivering the route (well, most of it... there's this one large development that really has no business being on a rural route, that part sucks with a captial K), but Chris's unasked question, "why are you doing this?" keeps jumping on me every now and again.

But hey, tomorrow is another day. I'll start learning the new route and we'll see what will be.

Thanks again, whether you prayed or simply read the post. I'm glad you're out there.

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