christian postal quitting: part i

Rural Carrier Associates often quit after only a short time in the job.

Last Wednesday a new sub showed up for his shadow day (an often overwhelming day of observation in which the newbie rides along on the route to which he or she will be assigned). We'll call him Floyd. As soon as I saw Floyd, I said to myself "pastor." Maybe it was the way he stood, the way he carried himself, or his countenance, but I was certain he was a pastor. He was shadowing on route 2; I was working route 4 that day and the cases for these routes are next to each other. Floyd talked a little to me and to Ann, the sub he would be riding with.

I thought and thought about a way to get him to own up to being a pastor without having to directly ask him, "so, are you a pastor or what?" After much thought I asked, "So, what brings you to the postal service?"

Floyd said, "Well, I guess you could say it's been an interesting journey for my family these past few months."

Absolutely 100% pure pastor!

"You see," he continued, "I'm a pastor..."

"Yeah, I knew that from the moment you walked in," I said.

"How'd you know?"

"Takes one to know one," I admitted.

Well, I got word yesterday that Floyd attended two days of rural carrier academy and called it quits.

I remember the semi-nauseated feeling I had all during the four day long academy, the endless questioning "What have I done?" I was tempted to quit myself.

But Floyd's is not the only story of quitting I have to tell today. The next one will be related in part ii.

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