proud dad (skip this post if you can't stand a guy braggin on his kids)

Tonight at my daughters' school it was Art and Music Night. In the past, this event has defined missability. Tonight however, was different. As I was discussing the event with my daughters a mere 28 hours ago, I asked what they would be doing for art and music night. This was all a ruse to give me a reason (read, excuse) to skip it.

Amy said she would be in a featured group of vocalists in her chorus and would also be playing Frere Jacques in a flute ensemble.

Kristin said she would be playing a duet with her trombone instructor. I asked, "what song." She said it didn't have a title and that it was only "something I wrote."

"A song you wrote yourself?"


Amy's singing and her flute ensemble went very well. In an evening full of squeaks and squawks, there were none in either of her perfromances.

And when Kristin's instructor introduced the piece saying "this is a piece that Kristin wrote herself" the room got as quiet as a church on Holy Saturday. Up until that moment, cell phones had been going off and conversations proceeded at normal talking volume. But all of that stopped and everyone faced forward.

The performance was flawless. The song was pretty good too, and fairly complex considering it was written by an eleven year old.

All in all, the evening provided a few "that's my kid!" moments. The coolest part was watching other parents go out of their way to walk up to Kristin and offer their appreciation for her work.

Okay, that's all. Thanks for indulging my little episode of bragging on my kids.

As you were.

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