how to know when you've actually become a carrier

Today I delivered yet another new route for the first time, and had the easiest day of my 5 month old career.

The mail was pretty light today, which was good. But on top of that, I've learned a few tricks at the mail case, and also a few slick techniques for loading my car, that make me a lot faster at delivering.

I got in at 6:10. Left the post office for the street at 10:10 (a record), delivered the 38+ mile route and was back at the post office at 2pm. The afternoon casing work was average but I finished it in less than half an hour. I was out of there at 2:25, which if you're doing the math is 8 hours and 10 minutes. My shortest day so far.

All of this probably means next to nothing to you, but I was pretty juiced about it. Thanks for putting up with my retelling.

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