help me spend my tax refund

We got a refund this year on our taxes. Yessss!

The check came yesterday and there was much rejoicing, although we really should change our withholding options so the government doesn't have as much use of our money in the future.

But that's beside the point. Being the big spender that I am I've decided to blow a major chunk of this refund on... are you ready for it...

A new grill!

This is the model we currently own, though it has definitely seen better days. I'd post a picture of ours but it would be too horrific for your gentle sensibilities.

None of those propane monstrosities for me, no sir. I'm strictly a charcoal and wood chip kind of guy. Simplicity is my motto, or something like that.

This is where you come in. Do any of my readers have recommendations on a charcoal burning, medium sized grill? Offer them up via the comments. And be snappy about it, I can't have this refund burning a hole in my pocket. Home Depot beckons!

Thank you in advance.

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