the trouble with t'rati: and i thought it was just me

For the last couple of months I've been wondering what is up with Technorati. I haven't said anything because I thought maybe I was the only one, and that maybe I was somehow doing something wrong. And also because it doesn't matter all that much, except, it is nice to know when someone links to or blogrolls you so you can maybe reciprocate. But despite the fact that multiple new blogs have put serotoninrain on their blogrolls, and those sites have linked to me in some of their posts as well, my t'rati stats have not changed a whit since, I dunno, probably March.

Not only that, but the service has often been sllllooooowww and just as often unavailable. The idea behind Technorati is stellar, and none of the other multipurpose tracking sites are all that great, but lately t'rati isn't so great either.

So it is with a dubious sense of relief that today I discovered I'm not the only one disheartened by Technorati's woeful performance. Media Orchard's been pondering the same issue.

So Technorati... get yourself together! We need you out here.

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