high and dry

This photo, by a man named Ray Beckler, taken not far from my house... in fact, it's very close to one of the routes I deliver, shows how high and fast the water ran last night and into this morning.

My house sits on what was once a small wooded hillside. So we were safe from the flood.

The part of Pottstown known as South Pottstown is still partially submerged. Last night I drove west on route 422 near here, out to Douglassville where the gas is cheaper. On the way I could see the water almost right up to the road. I figured they would close it pretty soon. When I returned that way not 20 minutes later, the westbound side was closed.

People were parking their cars on the overpass bridges, some to keep them out of the water and some to get out and watch the water rise. The Schuylkill in this area crested at about 20 feet, that happened this morning at 8 am. It was five feet less than predicted, which made a huge difference.

For me and most of the town, the great flood of 2006 meant not much more than a major traffic headache. I had to make all sorts of convoluted detours to get to the little baby route I delivered today.

For people close to the river and in South Pottstown however, the news isn't so good. Apparently we get to dry out for the next couple of days. So we got that goin' for us.

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