wrong number

The world is abuzz with this overblown hexaphobawhatever. It's much ado about nothing if you ask me. And as Eric has said before, it's the wrong number!

In a comment (the first one) on another of Eric's posts, the estimable Beth wondered whether there will be any mention next of next year's triple digit day: July 7, aka 07/07/07.

Probably not, is my guess. Although if we act now maybe we can start some sort of movement. The biblical significance of the number 777, (other than that it's the number of years Noah's dad Lamech lived, but you knew that) is that Jesus urged his followers to forgive not seven times but 77 or 7 X 77 times, depending on which translation you read.

So here's the plan: let's make next July 7 radical forgiveness day. I have no idea what form it should take, but we have a year and one month to get ready and we'll be living very close to God's very heart if we do this.

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