true stories of the highway patrol

This is unbelievable. No wait, actually it's totally believable.

The title of the article is "CHP Officer Shoots at Motorcyclist" but check out the circumstances in which the officer fired...

"a CHP officer clocked two motorcycles speeding at 85 mph, according to CHP spokesman Marvin Williford. The CHP officer began pursuing the riders and attempted to pull over both of them. One, however, exited I-80 at Red Top Road and then re-entered I-80 westbound while the second motorcyclist continued east on I-80."

another office mistakenly pulled over an innocent cyclist but spotted the speeder coming his way, so...

The officer stepped off his bike and waved for the fleeing motorcyclist to stop, but the rider instead accelerated toward the officer and the officer opened fire...The motorcycle swerved away from the officer and continued on Columbus Parkway.

I don't own a gun and hope never to have to use one. But I'll tell you this much, if I was the one with that bike bearing down on me, I would have made damn sure not to miss.

H/T to Zoli.

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