lighten up: slate's snarky review of apple's new campaign

We've all seen the hip new apple ads, like this one for example.

Here's Seth Stevenson's review of the campaign in Slate. I can't find where he calls the ads "mean spirited" in the article, so maybe some editor came up with the article's title.

He ends the review with this remark...

I can see how these ads might be effective with inexperienced computer users. If you're a first-time buyer, the idea that a Mac will make your life immeasurably easier sure does sound appealing. But if you're a PC user, these ads are more likely to irritate you than convert you.

I dunno, I'm a PC user and I think the ads are terrific. Contrary to what Stevenson says in the review, the claims made by the ads are generally true, which is why windows machines have a terrible reputation where things like viruses and user friendliness are concerned. That the ads poke fun at these things without ever saying that PC's are bad is the campaign's main strength. Well, that and their clean look (which Stevenson does say that he likes).

Not that anything I say counts but I give the ads an A.

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