From Silverado (a classic Western even though it was made in the 80s):

Swann: Stealin cattle's a hangin offense in these parts. if we shot you down riht now we'd be within our rights.

Mal: Mister, you ever seen what a Henry rifle can do in the hands of someone knows how to use it?

I thought cattle rustlin' went out with the Frontier, but apparently it's still a common crime.

The [Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers] association, working with state and local officers, recovered or accounted for about 5,200 stolen cattle last year, compared with slightly more than 2,400 in 2004. Restitution was actually higher two years ago — $1.7 million, compared with nearly $634,000 in 2005.

And that's just the ones that were caught, in two states! I had no idea. Here I thought that these days, Texas folk just lassoed words and put them on their blogs.

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