definitely not a perfect system, but

Admittedly, some aspects of this rent-a-priest idea give me the sceeves.

On the other hand,

Richard Hasselbach, who married after he was a priest for 13 years, defends the organization because many people are turned off by what he calls the inflexibility and rigidity of "the corporate Catholic Church."


He routinely marries people who are divorced, pregnant or gay and counsels people who were sexually abused by Roman Catholic priests. He celebrates Mass in his home and performs marriages outside of church buildings. The Roman Catholic Church does not allow wedding ceremonies to be held outside.

Like I said, there are some things I don't like. However, take a look at the future of the church, my friends. As more and more faithful people (especially younger adults) become disaffected, this is where we are heading. This story focuses only on the Catholic Church but it doesn't need to.

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