for my friends brett and jimmy

I like jazz, but not enough to listen to it regularly.

My friend Brett however, does listen to jazz and is a big Maynard Ferguson fan. No that's not even right. Brett is much more than a "fan." A trumpet player himself, Brett has actually jammed with Maynard. Pretty cool, huh? Perhaps he can be coaxed to reiterate the details in the comments to this post.

Sadly, Maynard Ferguson passed away Wednesday night. His manager, Steve Schankman, said:

He was the last of the greats. That era is closed. There is no Kenton, no Basie, no Ellington, and now, no Ferguson.

I read this news over at Sticky Doorknobs. As it turns out, blogger Jimmy Patterson appreciates Ferguson as well. Read his post here.

The man is gone. But Glory to God, the music remains.

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