my good deed for the (yester)day

Occaisonally I find it necessary to use the bathroom. And of course, during a brief visit to the one on our first floor yesterday, the doorbell rang. Well, they would have to wait a few seconds. When I got to the door the ringer was gone, but I did see a woman across the street taking flowers out of her hatchback.

"Strange." I said to myself. Thinking she may have been my mysterious visitor I walked out to see what was up. As I approached I saw the reason for her flower removal. She was trying to get at her spare. The left front tire was completely flat. Closer inspection revealed a large and all to familiar looking gash in the tire wall. I know a thing or two or four about flat tires, especially the variety that occurs when one thoughtlessly drives into a curb, which this was.

I asked, "Did you knock at my door?"

"No that was my aunt. We got a flat tire and wanted to use your phone but she went over to this house here," she said pointing at the house directly across from mine.

Now, our house sits on a pretty steep little hill; about a 30 degree slope. This woman was parked facing uphill. I said, "You're not going to change your tire on this hill, are you?"

"Uh. No, I guess not."

I offered to let her pull into my driveway, which she did. She was wearing a couple of ace bandages on her leg and when her aunt appeared she did not look like the kind of person who changes lots of tires. By now the car was in my driveway anyway, so...

A few minutes and five very tight lug nuts later, the spare firmly and finally affixed, the aunt tried to hand me $10. I refused and put my hands behind my back. Undaunted, she stuck the bill in my shirt pocket. "Do something nice for yourself," she said.

When they were gone, I felt kind of sad about receiving a reward for the help I gave freely...

... but that didn't stop me from taking myself out to breakfast this morning. It was good.

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