woah, where am i?

So here are a couple of details about my long blogging road trip idea.

First, the whole plan hinges on me getting the time off. It looks like I'm all set to begin this adventure on September 10th. Perhaps the ninth, depending on how work treats me.

The main thrust of it is I will drive somewhere, I don't know where and spend an afternoon, a day, an evening there. Eventually I will find a Panera or someplace with wireless internet access and post a couple of pictures and a brief description of the place. My three readers (up from last year's two!) can try to guess where I am.

Them's the basics. More later. For now, I'm still holding down route 7. I've finished two six day weeks and am into my third, although I'm taking Wednesday off this week so I can write my next downtown article. This time it's Limerick, home of this monstrosity.
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