plans are for unmaking

Mornings (other than Saturdays, Sundays, or Mondays) go something like this.

6:00am or thereabouts: Wake up.
6:30am continue waking up, pray, maybe read some scripture.
7:00am continue waking up. Turn on TV. Yes, I actually watch the thing these days.. the Today show... well, I sort of semi-watch it as I read blogs and stuff. The reason is that I'm killing time until...
7:30am, when I check the cell phone to see if post office has called.
8:00am Post office has not called the house or the cell phone, okay to take a shower. (There is an understanding among rural subs that if the office has not called by 8, the day is yours).
8:30am Leave the house before post office can call.

Today I lingered. I thought I'd head back to the Panera in Reading for a cinnamon crunch bagel and some coffee and some extended blogging time. I moseyed out of the house at 9 am and was a quarter mile down the road when the cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number (this was because our new supervisor hadn't yet called my cell). I pulled into the home depot lot and answered the phone (big mistake... see, if it's the post office and you answer it, it's very bad form to say 'no'). And so...

9:10 am Begin casing mail on Route 6.

There are two things that bother/concern me about this whole episode:
  1. Why didn't someone call me sooner when they saw that no one was at the mail case for Route 6?
  2. The regular carrier for that route wasn't scheduled for leave today and didn't call in sick either. What's up with that, I wonder?

Tomorrow should be interesting. Either I will be subbing for the unexpectedly absent Route 6 guy, or I will be delivering Route 2, which I've not been trained on nor do I know where it is. It's complicated and I won't bore you with the details. It's gonna be a long day.

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