geez. how about some civility

This story is sad. Neighbors suing and countersuing. Complaining. Yech.

I once had a zoning board president look at me with genuine astonishment and say, "You came to support your neighbor?" when I came to a meeting to... well, support my neighbor. June, who lived next door to us, wanted to put in a central air unit and needed a variance because the unit would closer to my house than the arcane regulations permitted. There were three other cases heard that night and four or five 'neighbors' present for each. All of these people were there to prevent passage of their neighbor's variance. Most of these involved air conditioners. One woman, who was an artist, said her neighbor's new air conditioner would disturb the silence she needed to paint. Later in her testimony, this same woman mentioned that she keeps her windows closed because she herself has central air!

We have one world here that we have to share. Isn't it time we learned to get along a little better?

I know. I'm dreaming. Tell me about it.

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