this is not funny, not at all.


This story is not funny...

Until you get to the guy's response at having the police search his house because they suspected it was a den of iniquity.

Let's hear it for my home state!

Apparently the previous tenants of the rented house were the actual brood of vipers. The new owner moved in and, as the article says,

Shortly after he arrived, he said, a Verizon bill came in the mail, addressed to something with the word "entertainment" in the name. Petronella said he opened it, assuming it was a phone bill for the house. It was for $9,000."I know I didn't make that many calls," he said.

But maybe the most amusing thing, considering the events described, is the Home News tagline in the banner over the story.

Thanks to Jim Romenesko's Obscure Store and Reading Room for the inspiring post. A regular read for me.

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