something fishy this way comes

No, it's not Farenheit 451--but a meme from Zalm. And I will get to it, I promise. As he says, I am always up for meme action (call me crazy, but I kind of like it).

Unfortunately for moi, I have to take my dog to the vet. She did something to her back left leg and has been going light on it, very light, using it only when she absolutely must, for two days. I'm a little worried to tell you the truth.

She's older, 13 years, and well, we'll see what the vet says.

So if I were a vet... I would fix this problem!

And I will get to the meme later, at the very least to give me something to take my mind off what's looking to be a hectic week.


Eric said...

OK, this is serious stuff. The wife, kids, aging parents and close personal friends can fend for themselves, but the dogs of the world need all the help they can get. I hope your dog's injury turns out to be very minor (actually, I've read ahead, so I know the outcome, sort of) and that she's back to normal very soon. In the meantime, I recommend a double dose of treats and plenty of sympathetic ear scratches.

What breed of dog is Fig, anyway?

Jim said...

Sorry-I've been scrolling right by your comment all day today.

I knew, being a fellow dog lover, that you would feel the seriousness of the situation. Fig is a border collie but mixed with something else, so she's bigger and has different coloring. In other words, she doesn't look anything like a border collie.

It really isn't a minor injury antytime the vet says, "Well, your options are surgery..." and it's sad to see her all gimpy; I'm sure it hurts a lot too, but she hasn't stopped begging for a walk! And her disposition, save for a few hours on Sunday when the injury occurred, is unaffected. I hope when my own appendages start to give out that I can handle it with as much grace as Fig has.

Of course, I have been following your recommendations exactly.

Thanks for your concern. Incidentally, your Abbye pictures are the real reason I like the Gazette so much. ;)