going to the big house

Two Fridays ago I was helping staple bulletins when I got a call from some guy who said, "You've been accused of having a big heart." I was tempted to tell him he would never get a conviction, but he persisted.

I was being offered the opportunity to get "locked up" at the local Red Lobster for one hour on June 30th. It is all a fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association of America (MDA). I always used to watch the Jerry Lewis telethon when I was a kid, loving the moment when he would shout"tympaniiii..." and weep as the numbers turned over. Millions of dollars!

So, full of nostalgia, I said yes to being thrown behind bars for Jerry's kids.

No pressure now, but if you'd like to help raise my bail, go to this page. You can donate online! It is, of course, tax deductible and will give you a warm fuzzy feeling that will last at least as long as it takes to click away from the donation confirmation page.

I'll get locked up on June 30th, and if I can smuggle my new maglite sized digital camera in with me, I'll post some pix of my time in the hoosegow in this blog. Won't that be special!

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