why i smoke

For those of you in California or Texas, the weather here in the east may seem to be (in the case of Megan) a distant memory, or (in the case of Eric) a nightmare. Today, though! It is a little windy, I must admit, but it is 69 degrees and a sky so blue it hurts your eyes just to look at it (Burt Lancaster as Doc Graham in Field of Dreams). We have to savor these days when they come.

So, I'm savoring it. Right now I'm sitting outside smokin'

... a chicken. Despite my tendency toward addictive behaviors-- to wit, this and this, I've never experienced even the slightest pull toward tobacco. Though I do think pipe tobacco has a nice mellow thing going.

The unfortunate bird has not been rolled in paper and lit like so many dried leaves. It is on my charcoal grill. I do have an electric water smoker but I find that an improvised arrangement with a charcoal grill works better with chicken, due to the shorter required cooking time. Poultry can easily dry out in a smoker.

A friend of mine bought me this book a while ago, which has turned me into a regular barbecue fiend. He also gave me the water smoker--is that enabling? I smoke all year long now. If I get good at this blogging thing, and also get a digital camera or scanner, I might post a picture of me smoking in the snow someday for you all to shake your heads at. Again, addictive behaviors.

I'm out in the back with hickory scent wafting, a steaming cup of addiction relief on the table. Soon I may pull out some Andrew or some Neal.

Pastor Boy came over not too long ago, sat down opposite me and said, "Sundays are draining." He's right, but I've found the perfect two step antidote to chronic or acute Sunday Pastoral Energy Defiency (SPED).

1. Make Monday your day off

2. Spend the afternoon with a good book, good coffee, and a good smoke.

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