late to the ball

BK said the other day, "He decried it for so long, and now he's totally into it."

Well, I'm not totally into it, but blogging has proved to be a new fascination; not only writing my own, but especially reading those of others. I did indeed resist it for a long time, mostly because of the few blog entries I had read, mostly of a political nature, that were so nasty. Conservatives and liberals alike seem to be better at calling each other names than articulating some sort of coherent vision. Ah, well that's a soapbox for another time and almost certainly for another blogger.

Catherine Seipp had this commentary on NPR about why she blogs. She articulates perfectly my own reasons for acquiring my new fascination...

"It eliminates the fearful procrastination that used to hang over my head before writing. Because, after all, blogging isn't really writing, even though it is. It's just fooling around; jotting down thoughts in what I think of as an online notebook."

Preach it, sister.

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