UPDATE: Someday I'll blog again... I hope.

The good thing about getting called in to work day after day is the Postal Service pays pretty good. The bad thing is, well, getting called in to work day after day. Since I'm not that great at this gig yet, I spend all day and some of the evening getting the stuff done. SO I don't have time to take care of little things like leaking brake fluid.

My sincere apologies for the lack of post-age (get it, that's a pun on my new job. hee hee).

I know this sounds funny coming from someone as underemployed as me, but I've been very busy the last couple of days. And I've been called in tomorrow (seems Jim Regular doesn't want to work his route anymore... actually, it's more dental stuff left over from the previous crisis). So probably nothing until tomorrow night at the earliest.

Please, stop your sobbing. I'll be back soon. Oh, what's that... you were laughing with delight? Oh.
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