like billy joel said...

honesty is such a lonely word.

Below is some corporate malarkey extracted from this article about Verizon's suit on the hill during congressional hearings regarding net neutrality:

"The only way we are going to attract the truly huge amounts of capital needed to build out these networks is to strike down governmental entry barriers and allow providers to realize profits,"

He's talking about the fact that Google et al. get to use his sacred pipes to send their signals, he says, for nothing.

Vinton Cerf counters the argument thusly,

"In the Internet world, both ends essentially pay for access to the Internet system, and so the providers of access get compensated by the users at each end... suddenly access providers want to step in the middle and create a toll road to limit customers' ability to get access to services of their choice even though they have paid for access to the network in the first place."

In other words, you and I already pay for the access. Verizon's not talking or thinking about its customers though. Not as if that's news.

However it all shakes out, our cost of access is fixin' to rise.


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