it went, that's about all i can say

Zalm asked "how'd it go" and Julie says she likes my mail stories as they bring back her past experience working the mail.

Only because you asked am I writing this post. I wasn't going to say anything about today becuase 1. It wasn't that interesting. 2. It was very long and 3. I am ridiculously tired.

Because people generally think the mail just shows up, they don't think much about taking the time to clear a path to their mailboxes. For a rural route this means there has to be a way for a car to get in and out of the area around the curb where your mailbox must sit. On any other route, it means that your walk must be shoveled, etc. If not, we don't have to deliver your mail. In fact, we're not supposed to.

So many mailboxes were obstructed by multiple feet of snow today that I wound up bringing back four trays full of mail. My route is huge and I brought 13 trays out with me. And the trays I brought back were not packed nearly as full as those I brought out. Nonetheless that's a lot of non delivered mail.

However, even though I skipped lots of boxes 'cause I couldn't get to 'em, most of the ones I did get to required quite a bit of stretching over mounded snow, often getting my entire uppper torso out the car window. This also takes more time.

So today, for the first time, I missed the outgoing truck and wound up delivering the last part of the route in the dark.

Really, this feels almost like being hazed.
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