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New York mag's current cover story is called "Blogs to Riches." It's a well reasoned, well written and long article about blogs that brings insights from power law theory and the scientific principle of homeostasis to bear in explaining the rise of and current, increasingly corporate, state of the medium.

Here's a quote:

Most bloggers toil in total obscurity.

And here's another:

This is now the model for success: Of Technorati’s top ten blogs, nearly half were created in the same corporate fashion, part of the twin blog empires of Jason Calacanis and Nick Denton.

Is it bad that I have no idea who either of those guys are?

Anyway, the article is a great read and worth the 30 minutes or so of your time it will require.

But the really cool thing about the article... it's written by my man Clive Thompson. Actually, I don't know Mr Thompson at all, virtually or otherwise, but I do read and enjoy his blog, one which he classifies as C-list in the article. Like I care if it's A, B, C, or Z list. Thompson's Collision Detection is cool, and it's on my roll.

Congragtualtions Clive on a great cover article.


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