This new job is hard.

What cliches might I employ tonight: I got my butt kicked. I got my hatt handed to me. This route had me for dinner and didn't leave leftovers.

Or to quote a wonderful old woman from our church who says the same thing every week: "I'm saggin' and draggin' "

That's me alright. I didn't even get to finish the dang thing... two other subs had to come and bail me out. They were quick to tell me that the same thing happened to them when they were just starting out, so I didn't feel quite so completely incapable.


In other news, looks like blogger's got a scheduled outage tonight starting at 10pm. At least we know about this one. I guess you better read this and make any comments soon, since it is anyone's guess whether this post (or the blog for that matter) will be here tomorrow.

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