faith musings ii: muse harder

Out of Ur has a decent follow up to their original post on spiritually mature church leavers.

There are some things I want to say here but I don't want to sound radically anti-church so I'll need to stew on this for a while. For now, I'll simply quote Robert Farrar Capon (from his book The Astonished Heart):

"My program would be this. Whoever is in command over the dying institution at the next highest level of corporate church-the diocese, the presbytery, whatever-would take the bull by the horns and kill it: close the church, dissolve its bard, sequester its endowments, and sell off its property, putting the proceeds in escrow just in case the corpse ever rises and finds a use for them. Then the managers would explain to the remaining members of those churches that they were free to do anything they could think of (or nothing at all, if they so chose). A suggestion would be made, however, that they might think about holding a kind of wake the next Sunday, perhaps in one of their homes, or in a restaurant or bowling alley..."

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