Yesterday afternoon the rural carrier supervisor called me. Apparently, the regular carrier (who is also Jim, by the way. We'll just call him Regular Jim for now), has a dental emergency. So he took a sick day today, which means that his sub (that's me) does the route.

So instead of waiting until Monday I got to try again today. This time however, there would be no subs around to bail me out like before. I'm happy to report that I finished the route and made it back to the PO in time to get my outgoing mail on the outbound truck.

The only bad thing is, Regular Jim will be out tomorrow too (he needs oral surgery, I guess, not just a check up and cleaning), so I'm back at it. It's initiation by fire for me, I guess.

You know what, I am exhausted. How do these people do this day in and day out?

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