no more lazy sunday

Say, remember that awesome video called Lazy Sunday that stormed the web a few weeks ago? I'd post another link to it so you could laugh again, but that's impossible now. The video is gone.

Seems that NBC's lawyers told YouTube, where the video had been uploaded, to cease and desist. YouTube promptly did as they were told.

ARS Technica insists that the legal suits at NBC were within their rights to demand that YouTube pull the video. I have to agree. NBC produces SNL and owns all rights to whatever airs on their network.

But something seems wrong with this (lack of) picture. Or rather, call it lack of seeing the bigger picture. Some kind of (God help me, I'm going to use the word) paradigm shift is needed when it comes to copyright law and issues of ownership. I don't want to pick on NBC's rights to their material, not at all, but c'mon guys. We were having fun watching that video. It was one of the coolest things from SNL in years!

Why'd you have to go spoiling our party like that? Did you think about the consequences to NBC's image in the minds of web users? Will your actions, in the long term, help or hurt the network? How much in terms of future revnenues did the C&D order preserve? How much will it eradicate?

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