especially when the neighbors get involved and everybody comes out of their house

Color Consultants who help you pick out a house hue.

They say things like:

"We're color nerds. I mean, that's what we talk about. It's how we live in the world."

"We take our colorants with us and tweak right there on site and put it up on the house until we get it."

--Yo and Lo of YOLO Colorhouse

"Until I came along paint was just paint. It was a chemical in a can. When I came along I said 'this is 40 yards of liquid fabric'."

"If you've got the wrong white, baby, you got the wrong white. And it will not feel right."
--Gretchen Schauffler of Devine Color

I don't know about her unafraid colors, but Gretchen Schauffler herself is not hard to look at.

Woah, did I just type that?

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