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It's getting harder and harder to scoop RC. He's developed a habit of beating everybody and their brother to the punch when it comes to pop culture.

But I got the drop on him this time! While he was off contemplating Meryl Streep's chances for winning another Oscar before she's a senior citizen, I was pursuing the following, much more substantial story in Slate about the tumultuous Miami Vice shoot, in which director Michael Mann intimidated and alienated almost everyone. Things got so bad that there was even a shooting, the bang-bang, bullets flying variety, during filming. That incident prompted the following event:

Foxx(as in Jamie, the big Oscar Winning star dude) and his entourage packed up and left for good. "Jamie basically changed the whole movie in one stroke," a crew member says—and not, in his opinion, for the better. The ending that was supposed to be shot in Paraguay would have been "much more dramatic."

Did you see that? Foxx and his entourage. Apparently Foxx is now an acteur (or something silly like that). Says the article,

he showed up with an entourage and something of an attitude. Foxx balked at flying commercial to Miami (Universal finally gave him the jet). And there was an early problem because Foxx was getting paid less than Farrell even though he was now an Academy Award winner. Foxx got a big raise while Farrell took a bit of a cut.

and also, quoting a crew memeber,

he was afraid of boats, afraid of planes—there were a lot of things where he was afraid for himself.

Despite that, Foxx is still signed to make The Kingdom with Mann as producer.

I never knew Michael Mann was so hard to work with. He does make great movies though. And, hey, at least he doesn't throw phones at people.

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