a reminder to choose your words with care

Rural Carrier Associates are assigned as "sub of record" to a certain route. As you may know from past posts, I am sub of record on Pottstown's rural route #5. Or, I should say, was. I switched my route to #7 and the word got out today.

Jim Regular, the carrier for #5 feigned sadness to be losing me, though I'll still be working 5 all the time since the other subs hate it (with good reason). Anyway, as he searched for words to describe my hard work and dedication (or, perhaps more accurately, desperation), he said this...

"You were like my little Tarzan"

My response: "Jim, I'm not sure I like the imagery conjured by the "Little Tarzan" characterization."

His response to my response: "Huh?"

Just another day workin' the mail. How 'bout it?

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