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I just read this piece by Kerry Madden, a writer I've never heard of. Apparently she's blue and her parents are red.

She wrote a nice little piece about surviving a visit to your conservative folks' place (funny, I can't find a link to that story. How 'bout that? She does have a blog though), and her mother Googled her and found it.

Her mom was a tad put out. Imagine that? To her credit, Ms. Madden says "I wouldn't be speaking to me either."

This thing resonates a bit with me as I imagine myself to be a writer and I have a decidedly unimaginary parent who has a prominently placed, autographed photo of our current president in their living room. Our politics diverge. But this isn't the first time Kerry Madden has unintentionally(?) mocked/outed/embarrassed her parents.

"The very first time my mother found something egregious I'd written was in 1987, and dark days ensued. I was living with my brand-new husband in my parents' basement. During that time, I finished a terrible play that featured a domineering mother who ropes her daughter into moving in with the grandparents, who are in failing health, while she flees to live the good life.

And I had the gall/lack of imagination to set it in my grandparents' home in Leavenworth, Kan. My mother found the play, read it and recognized every insidious detail, from the Reader's Digest Condensed Books to the frozen OJ cans stuffed with fast-food condiments and A&W's two-for-one Chili-Dog Tuesdays." (Judging by this quote, Ms. Madden has yet to learn her lesson)

I don't know, maybe I'll never be any kind of writer, 'cause I can't imagine doing things like this to my parents. Guess I'll just stick to the mail.

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