windows, literal and otherwise

So here's what's happening up and down my blogroll. (Yes, I couldn't figure out what to write... but lots of other people could, so you win).

Searchie writes about windows and doors. A great psychological trip around the block.

RC is also taking a stroll: down cartoon memory lane. I don't even recognize the names of most of those shows. Just give me the original old Looney Toons and I'm happy. RC's got quite the thoughtful blog going, even when he toons out.

CP is hawking Doctor Pepper Cake, which I've never heard of. Perhaps I need to make it and be enlightened.

Eric, who's quizzing us, and Jimmy, who's dogged, are both in the blogathon and both are on the same "team". Go ahead, make a pledge.

Brian is contemplating string theory.

The icon(oclast)ic St. Julie of the Plains is weighing the merits of various Bible translations in the balance and finding some of them wanting.

PMax (or Paulicus Maximus, which is way too long to type), is contemplating the implications of Ken Lay's untimely death.

Jeff reviews a book by Barbara Brown Taylor, which I may have to check out. Thanks Jeff.

It must be an international day of reminiscence. Mis_nomer is also musing, in her mysteriously bittersweet way, on past notes.

And Randy reviews the latest Superman. Gosh I wish I had time to see a movie.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the lovely bloganalia spawned by the sidebar. Au contraire mon frere (ou, ma soeur). Click your way down. You may find a few new regular reads... in fact, I'm sure you will.

P.S. Hey Zalm, when you comin' back?!

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