late night with a great film

In the course of composing the post below this one, I had to find some web resources devoted to the best movie ever made.

In the course of that research, I found an article in which Tom Hanks discusses the film, which is his favorite as well. I also found two reviews by Roger Ebert. The first from 1968, when the movie was released, and the second from 1997 when he added it to his Great Movies series.

I also found a host of other fascinating stuff at palantir.net's Oddyssey fansite.

Yes, yes. I'm sure most of you don't like 2001 as much as I do, if you like it at all. So just be glad you're not here at my place tonight as I fire up the DVD player and enjoy this masterpiece for the next 141 minutes, give or take.

I don't have to work tomorrow (or at least, I'm not scheduled though I'm always on call) for the first day since... I can't remember. This is my way of celebrating.

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