strange but true postal tales

I don't really want to go into it.

Let's not even talk about the fourth blown tire, nor the fact that this one had nothing to do with my own stupidity (hard to believe, I know).

We shall not speak of the heavy volume of mail on yet another Saturday. Saturdays used to be such a nice day.

Let's simply forget about the two and a half feet of flats that awaited me when I returned to the office, despite the fact that I was trying to make a four o clock appointment (which I missed).

Further, let us not dwell on the supervisor's little talk. The one in which she told me that all carriers are now supposed to be back by 5pm on weekdays (though the truck will still depart at 5:45). I said, "that will be incredibly hard for me to do on Mondays," which as she knows, is the heaviest day of the week. "I know," she said.

No, I want to talk about the wild turkey.

It happened here. It involved a large wild turkey, such as the one picutred here. The bird in the picture is not the same one that attempted to fly into my car on the route today. I mean exactly that, this bird "tried" to enter my car while airborne. I saw him at the side of the road watching me approach. He then squawked (I didn't know they could do that) and took off. He had a hard time getting air, and so his trajectory would put him right in my driver side window, which was open. The internal alarm must have gone off in his cockpit (brain), saying "pull up, pull up" becuase he did, slightly, performing a perfect landing on the top of my car, which was still in motion. He remained there, squawking, for three full seconds before flapping his way back to the side of the road whence he came.

"That was odd," I said to no one but myself.

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