okay, where were we?

Ah, yes. The meme from From the Salmon. "If I could be a..."

Perhaps I should update you on the dog situation first, just in case you are a dog lover, as I am. She tore a ligament, which is bad but not fatal. It requires surgery that we can't afford so our beloved Fig is probably going to be limping through her golden years. The vet said many people opt to forego the surgery, that we're not bad owners if we don't do it, and that the affected leg will partially heal. She also said that there is increased risk of it occurring to the other leg now, so be careful. In the end, it wasn't quite as bad as I thought.

Okay, on with the meme... Zalm was very helpful in researching this meme and placing the full range of possibilities in his post. If you'd like to see the whole thing you can link here and click on "view the full list."

I've picked these few...

If I could be a priest... then I wouldn't be married to a famous political figure.

If I could be a world famous blogger... then I wouldn't be answering this meme.

If I could be an inn-keeper... I'd still make them sleep in the stable. I just love the romance of the whole stable thing, even though it probably didn't really happen that way. And then there's the whole predestination thing.

If I could be a chauffer for Michael W. Smith... then I could maybe convince him to become a real songwriter. (Sorry folks, I've never been into His Smittyness).

If I could be a librarian... I would read my friggin' life away and die happy!!!

That's five and I'm outta here. I was going to tag Eric and Cowtown Pattie (she's from Fort Worth and writes real good) but Eric already did this one and he tagged CP! I can't win. So I'm tagging any blogger out there within the sound of my, er... voice who reads this and wants to write something. Maybe Megan?

Thanks Zalm, for tagging me. 'Preciate it.

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zalm said...

I'm glad to hear that Fig will be ok, even if she's a little gimpy. I'm sure it's still sad, though. I hope she recovers quickly and smoothly.