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Eric posted this bookmark meme and asked if anyone would respond. No one did! We'll fix that.

The way the bookmark meme works is, to qoute Mr. Fire Ant himself:

list the last bookmark in your collection, move up the list ten places and list the next one, move up another ten, and so on. If you keep all of your bookmarks in folders, (1) just go to the next folder, if you need to, as you move up the list, and (2) get a life. Do you really need to be that organized?
So here are my long awaited answers to the bookmark meme. Full disclosure: I'm skipping over two bookmark folders in my list. One is the mozilla default links folder that appeared when I installed firefox, another is the Dell folder. I'm skipping them because they don't contain bookmarks that I myself installed. Aren't you glad I clarified that?

1. The Bridge Avenue School website. I've posted about this place before. A street school started in Cleveland by a friend of mine.

2. Upper Room Book Proposal Guidelines. That should be self explanatory.

3. Lonely Planet -- 'therefore i travel'.

4. wifi freespot -- because I travel.

5. metrofreefi pennsylvania page -- because #4 was in the wrong folder.

6. wild olive branch -- a blog I read.

7. shizuka blog -- another blog I read.

8. lone prairie blog -- you guessed it, another blog.

9. Bridget Jones goes to seminary -- blog.

10. Bloglines -- a feed reader because I have so many blogs bookmarked.

There, I feel better now.

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