le chambre d'humilite

The chamber of humility is my name for the vocal booth in a recording studio. Tony Congi spent most of today discovering just how hard it can be to record lead vocals.

Now, Tony is an excellent singer. His pitch is great, he always sounds like a pro. But that can actually work against you at times. The producer, Bruce, must have asked Tony twenty times to "stop singing it." Meaning he wanted him to "feel" it, to put some emotion into the lyrics of his songs.

It was an interesting three days, but we all survived intact. And Tony's next CD, for those of you who have ever heard of him, is going to be great. It's probably a few months away from being completed, but when it is, if you have any interest in Christian music, it will definitely be worth a listen.

My role in the project is finished, at least for now. I'm going to spend Monday just hanging out, enjoying a day in the forecast sunshine after three solid days stuck in an almost windowless basement.

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